!!! NewneW!!! SYRINX-CASSETTE vol.3 w Luke Stewart / Devin Brahja Waldman / Jarvis Earnshaw TRANSCENDANCE!!!

!!!NewneW!!! TRANSCENDANCE !!! 
Luke Stewart (contrabass, efx, voice), Devin Brahja Waldman (saxophone) & Jarvis Earnshaw (sitar, tapeloops, voice)
SYRINX-CASSETTE vol.3 Recorded at Grand:Zero Brooklyn NYC 
Available in Limited Edition Audio Cassette Tape {Red Case / Full Colour Artwork / 108min.} & Digital Download via Bandcamp: https://jarvisearnshaw.bandcamp.com/
Full video here: https://youtu.be/U-bbV56LdU4
Special SPECIAL Thanks to Genevieve Fernworthy (@gkfernworthy) for her generous support in the making of this recording.